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 ~I am a 29 year old (Okay; clearly NOT really but I did refuse to continue to move upward after THAT one) Momma of a blended family of 5, (YES, FIVE) children ages 5 to 26, (I KNOW; the math does not  quite work out but that common core really threw me for a loop!) that I truly believe with all of my heart was, indeed handpicked by The Lord Himself!

~My childhood was All OVER THE PLACE~LITERALLY; the US (South Carolina), Japan, back to the US (South Carolina), to Germany and then again back to the US (Georgia) but not for the same reason each time, as one would think; such as the military. (My Father was in-fact military but as well, my Mother WAS German and my step-father was in civil service).  In addition to ALL of the moving, my life was riddled with endless scenarios that one could ONLY find in the trashiest and most dramatic fiction paperbacks; SERIOUSLY (I promise that I will give the backstory of which most will come through my blog).  I left "home" (alright; moved out on my own being that thus far, I did not consider anywhere my "home") at the very naive age of 17.  My parents divorced when I was two and both immediately remarried; like literally, before the ink was even dry.  My sister who was two years older than I and myself  remained with our Mother and her new spouse, who later had two children; my brother 4 years my junior as well as, my 8 year younger sister; I without a doubt, believed she was my very own personal human baby doll!  They too eventually divorced and our Mom remarried her longtime sweetheart, of which was self made and independently very wealth.  My Father moved across the country to California with his new spouse and her two boys from her previous marriage; of which, he soon adopted as his own.  (Yes, the child in me is still a bit bitter that it appeared he just got himself a "new" family as we did not see him for approx. 5+ years).  My Mother died when I was 20 from sclerosis of the liver and my Father now resides on the coast in South GA with the same Wife.  

~With the odds horrifically stacked against me, I had NO CHOICE but to sink or swim and boy did I swim as hard as I possibly could as otherwise, my only option was to DROWN! I swam and then; I had to swim even harder but it paid off in the long run, no doubt.  I married very young, having no clue what love was and quickly became a mother with the birth of my son and his sister followed within two years. I was divorced before I was 21 and continued to pursue myself in the plight of life, career field, as far as I could~to the very top; I ALWAYS had the determination to be the VERY BEST I COULD BE~ in everything I took on. While overall, I had always been able to  adapt and overcome ANY and ALL obstacles that got in my way......at times I wondered if there even was a "finish-line" at all.  With the birth of my children I learned love; REAL TRUE LOVE, of which, I can honestly say that I never before knew nor had I ever felt it; not even from my own parents.  Not long after my divorce, I met the man I just KNEW was the man God had intended for me; unfortunately, my timing was off from The Lord's and we went separate ways yet, remained platonic friends throughout the years. I remarried, had my third child; another daughter, divorced, remarried him, divorced again and remarried a few more times as well as divorced (not my  proudest moments) in my quest to at least have a "family." By this time I had succeeded in obtaining a position in management in the automotive service industry with a reputable company.  I truly felt accomplished in every aspect of my life; with the exception of having a partner that loved just as i did, as well as, loved me.  I believed that I lost my opportunity when we went our separate ways yet, God's plan was to reunite us but it was going to be the most difficult feat of my life I would learn.  As our paths reunited, it was if we had never been apart and were determined to never part again; being we both were still legally married, in addition to our respective current spouses not willing to make it any easier for us than is was for them; things quickly got real, as well as, real ugly.  Throw in an unexpected pregnancy to boot and we had created ourselves one hell of a mess that I was certain had ended us before we even started; there was NO WAY we would make it I was convinced.  Being I believed my life was in perfect order now as  I had all I had dreamed to have in this life, why was it all being taken away?  The dust finally settled a bit with both divorces final but the trials and tribulations still endlessly came without fail.  At last, we managed to get married, our daughter is now five and due to the unexpected and unfortunate death of his previous spouse, I also have a 16 year old son (I do not call myself his mother as not to take away from his own Mom and relate myself but he is also my child now too).  

Now that our lives have finally cleared the obstacle course, my husband purchased me my forever dream car, a 1973 VW Super Beetle, made the very year I was born.  It was not running when we brought it home and almost every part was original.  I personally replaced every mechanical component on my very own, determined to do it all by myself; with exception to the generator,as it was almost impossible to remove. I named her Daisy (from The Dukes Of Hazard), my youngest daughter insisted we get her some eyelashes and I gave her wardrobe a touchup adding our original state flag to the top, my Husband gifted a roof rack for my Birthday and we have begun our journey.  Everywhere we go, I catch folks getting pictures of and with Daisy, (often embarrassed getting caught doing so) but most of all; we appear to coax a smile and a happy wave out of anyone we encounter, regardless of age.  "Life happens" as my husband says, therefor; ride along as I continue BugginItThruTheRestOfThisLife!